hallowed be thy name

What is concealed behind the word ”hallow” (to make holy), and why should his ”Name” be kept ”holy”?

It is helpful if we look at the ”original text”, that is, the text in which the prayer was originally written, Greek. Here we find two words which translate into the English ”holy”. The first word, ”hieros”, appears primarily in religious connections and connotates so much as ”holy, unapproachable, taboo, bewitched”. The other word, ”hagios”, is found solely in religious connections here in the New Testament, and carries the meaning ”holy, set apart, purified, clean through and through”. When we speak of a holy God, we do not speak of a God that dwells in one place or another, is unapproachable, and even taboo. We don´t need magic or to enter a trance condition in order to communicate with him. Our God is pure, clean. Nothing impure or unholy proceeds from Him. He alone is the possessor of all good and holy attributes.